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The quote on this page from Oswald Chambers rings true, “The life of faith … is a life of walking and not fainting.”  The life of faith is not glamorous, but a steady step-by step walk with the Lord.  You have been a part of what God has done here.  As we move forward in this ministry, you become even more important to what we are trying to accomplish.  Over the past 17 years, you have been the ones to pray for us and to give financially to the work.  God has been faithful in providing and He has done this through you.

We are currently finishing up the work of installing the multipurpose building roof.  The projected completion date is slated for November 2015, which is also the time we will dedicate the new facilities.

We can now divert our attention to the development of Phase II.  This new phase will include an additional four children’s homes, office space, and new parking.  We will need approximately $1.1 million dollars to complete Phase II.  The cost breakdown is as follows:  $860K (4 homes at $215K each), $190K (infrastructure – road, sidewalks, parking, clearing of land) and $50K (bridge).

In addition, we need $50K to pay the architect, secure the building permits, and pay the corresponding municipality fees.  This is our most pressing need so we can be ready to start construction in 2016.

Looking at it with the natural eyes, it is a daunting task to say the least.  We keep reminding ourselves that God has been faithful, is faithful, and will continue to be faithful as we walk in obedience to carry out His will.

Please pray and ask if God would have you participate financially.  We are confident that He will reveal exactly what you need to do.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are praying earnestly for a suitable family to adopt Yamil.  The Office of Adoptions asked us to update Yamil’s psychological evaluation (since it is over a year old), listing any new advances that he has made this past year.  We have done so and are praying that God will move on someone’s heart to adopt a sweet 10 year old, and soon!

We continue praying for good news with regards to the Pilarte siblings (4) and Anthony and Aislinn (brother/sister).  One of the families has finished their home studies and the government is awaiting arrival of the file from the United States.  The other family is still in process.  Completing the endless paperwork and innumerous home studies is arduous, but necessary.  Continue lifting these two prospective families before the Lord, praying that they will not grow weary in well doing.  We know that in God’s perfect timing they will reap their reward!

Speaking of Anthony, he and his little sister have been with us for 3-1/2 years.  Anthony is a special young man, but he has also been a little bit of a trial.  In the past, he has behaved poorly in school and the house parents have received so many notes (not good ones) from the teacher.  They have also attended many a meeting to talk about our Anthony.  At the end of last year, we sat down with the house parents and our new psychologist, Dominique, to discuss how we would proceed forward.  We decided that since he was 12 we would let him form part of the skateboard club here at the Abraham Project.  Sergio Nix is the leader of the group and he invites young men from all over our neighborhood to get involved.  It is a discipleship group of sorts for these teenagers.  In January, Anthony began attending.  The following month, when he started school, we noticed a marked change in his behavior.  He was doing his school work in school, he was completing his homework, and best of all he has not brought home a single note from the teacher since he started 2 months ago!  We are so proud of the huge effort that he is putting forth.  We are happy that he is growing and maturing into a fine young man!  He has also accepted the job of cleaning our office once a week, which affords him a small salary for sweeping, moping, dusting, and taking out the trash.  He has been super motivated and we are so pleased with the changes that Christ is making in his life!

Most of you might remember a small, 3-1/2 yr. old boy  in Aaron & Candace’s house named Sebastián.  We are happy to announce that he has finally been declared abandoned and that his case has been sent to the Office of Adoptions.  We have not yet heard when the adoption council will be seeing his case, but it may be in April after Holy Week.  Sebastián will go quickly to a Costa Rican family since he is young.  Ticos get first dibs on the kids and they typically want the kids 3 and under.  Please pray that God would choose just the right family for this little boy.

We have started a new tradition of having each kid over to our home for their birthday dinner.  They get to choose their favorite meal and help us cook it.  Last month, we hosted Stuard who turned 9 yrs. old.  He wanted chicken fingers for supper … delicious, southern comfort food (and one of Bethany’s favorites as well!).  He had fun making dinner with Tío Steve and we all enjoyed homemade ice cream sandwiches to top off the night!  *Woo-Hoo!*




2 Responses to “Ministry News!”

  1. Dear Abraham Team,

    thanks for all the news. It is always so encouraging to read this!!!

    I would like to offer you help in promoting. If you have any fundraising event or things, like adoption etc. you want me to promote in Germany or on our homepage or facebook

    Just let me know.

    God bless you and happy easter! HE IS RISEN!


    PS: enjoy the Costa Ricaen Weather, here it is snowing again!!!

    • abrahamproject Says:

      Natascha, thank you for your interest in helping us promote the work here in Costa Rica. We appreciate your kindness and will definitely keep you in mind in the future. Many blessings to you as well.

      P.S. We are enjoying the warm sunshine!

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