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Isaiah 9:6

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Family of 8!

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On July 11, 2013, we received Yamil into the children’s homes. Our House parents took on the challenge of raising this timid boy. Yamil came to us with a significant delay in his cognitive skills. A professional told us that he would never read or write. Today, he is an avid reader and has excelled in spelling competitions at his school.

After being promoted for adoption for years, the Lord has blessed this young man with a family! Matt & Jenn have five biological children and have opened up their hearts to enlarging their family to include Yamil. His folks arrived in country mid November. It is so amazing to watch a child receive a new family for the very first time! It’s an event that never grows old.

Adoption is sacrificial and rewarding all at the same time. Today, Yamil’s story is significantly different. He was chosen by his family, much like our Heavenly Father chose us. We wish the Bakers all the best as they adapt to life as a family of eight!

Deep Thoughts

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A Word from the Wise

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After our Debrief and Renewal at MTI, we headed off to the Rocky Mountains for a time to recharge. We came across a quote from Oswald Chambers: “Believe also in Me,” said Jesus, not … “Believe certain things about Me.” Leave the whole thing to Him, it is gloriously uncertain how He will come in, but He will come. Remain Loyal to Him.


We had the opportunity to meditate on God’s faithfulness over 21 years of ministry. He has met every need that we have had personally and in the ministry. We have learned that life is a continual adjustment to change. As Christ’s ambassadors, our goal is not to feel “settled” here on this earth. Our aim is to bring glory to Him in everything we do!


Children’s Home Update

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In our last newsletter, we mentioned that we would be petitioning PANI for a transition period. This would allow the 7 children that are currently in our care to leave their home in a natural manner. We do want to report that we were granted a one year “grace” period. PANI has renewed our operational permits until Sept. 2019. We do have two kids that will be leaving in adoption soon.  Yamil has been matched with a family in the States. He will be finding out soon that he has a new, large family. His adoptive parents have 5 biological children! He’ll feel right at home with them. While in the US, we found out that Susana, who has been with us since she was 6 months old, has finally been Declared Abandoned! We expect her judicial file to be sent to the Office of Adoptions soon. They will promote her and she will likely be placed with a national family.


Phase II Progress Report

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Good headway is being made at Phase II, despite the fact that we have had so much rain. The front wall for the main entrance is now well underway! In addition, we are also working on the first two four-plex’s for our new ministry model. The footers have been poured and the walls are going up. We are hoping to have updated electrical plans soon so we can install the conduit. Once that is finished, we will be ready to pour concrete for the floor on the ground level.


Ministry News

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September proved to be a busy time as we attended our training at Buckner Children and Family Services in the great state of Texas. Buckner provides a program for single mothers between the ages of 18-25 that helps them receive an education, thus allowing them to become self-sufficient. Many single mothers in adverse circumstances, cannot pursue higher education due to a lack of child care and transportation. These ladies often have little or no family support.

The staff at Buckner received us with open arms. We were given the opportunity to visit their sites at Houston, Lufkin, and Longview. We were blessed by their hospitality and transparency. We toured each facility and sat down with members of their personnel for comprehensive insight into the ministry. This week-long training in Texas proved to be highly beneficial. It has really helped us gather ideas about how to move forward with our own ministry outreach to mothers in our marginal community. The information we received at Buckner covered important subjects such as: admission of the applicants, housing contracts, institutional guidelines and expectations, on-site workshops, community service, Biblical counseling, and more.

Honestly, our time at Buckner was meaningful as we witnessed the impact they have had on the lives of underprivileged women and their children. It was inspirational to learn that by educating a mother, her children have a very good possibility of graduating from both high school and college. In effect, you are influencing two generations and breaking generational curses. On the other hand, the task before us seems daunting. There is a lot of work ahead of us as we develop our mission plan, which includes our vision/mission statement, ministry plan, and program outline.

With this new plan, we intend to pinpoint and develop new leaders so that we can transition into an oversight, accountability, and support role for this model. Please pray for us as we refocus and launch this brand new ministry. We are hopeful God will provide the people and resources needed to accomplish this new project.


New Model

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Future Homes

We are pleased to unveil the plans to our new model: fourplexes to help assist single mothers in need and their children. Our vision is to keep families together by offering physical and spiritual assistance that will empower them to care for themselves and their children, thus breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse in their lives. Working to restore and rebuild families!


Trust in Him

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Since our last update, we have had many opportunities to put this verse into practice. Although it seems like everything is falling down around us, God is fully aware. This scripture admonishes us to keep our eyes fixed on God. He alone is our rock and strong tower in difficult times. Misfortunes may take us by surprise, but God is sovereign. The verse goes on to say … “and do good.” In the midst of adversity we must press on doing what is right. There is nothing that frustrates the devil more than to see us doing good despite our struggles and hardships!


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: … Because of the house of the Lord our God I will seek your good.      Psalm 122:6 & 9


The Israeli Ambassador to Costa Rica, Amir Ofek, has visited the Abraham Project twice since the beginning of the year.  The first time, he was invited by Pastor Jorge Gómez to hear about our project and its impact on our community.  Amir also shared with us some of the history of Israel.  Ambassador Ofek returned in March for the ceremonial signing of an Israeli flag to commemorate their 70 years as a nation.  As a community of faith, we are happy to celebrate Israel’s birthday and to pray for their peace and prosperity.  On both occasions, the Ambassador spent time at Phase II learning about our vision to rescue children at risk.  We are thankful for his visit.