Grace Community Chapel – New Brunswick, NJ

During the week of January 10-14, we welcomed our first two teams of the year! Grace Community Chapel from New Brunswick, NJ and Grace Community Church from Clarksville, TN. Both teams worked side-by-side doing various construction jobs at the Project. We were so blessed to have thirty-four volunteers working all week. Seven from the New Jersey team and twenty-seven from the Tennessee team.  The New Jersey team dug a ditch, filled that ditch with rocks, and of course, pulled lots and lots of nails.

While they were here, the team shared in the celebration of the birthdays of a couple of kids from the Children’s Homes, made an authentic Korean dinner for the missionaries here and donated 119 hours of labor to the Project. We are so grateful to their leader, Jooyoung Choe, and to the entire team for their gracious service to the Abraham Project.


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