Love & Truth Church – Jackson, TN

Last week, January 24-28, a group of 14 people came from Love & Truth Church in Jackson, TN. This team did a lot of sanding… They sanded metal railings, desks, beds and baseboards. In addition, they also pulled a lot of nails and moved lots of wood from the location where it is dropped off for delivery, to the area where we store it. Two guys installed baseboards in the offices upstairs in the Multi-Purpose Building, two ladies scrubbed the floors upstairs in one of the Children’s homes, and two of the men began the preparation for the area where we will install our Playground.

The team also brought lots of clothes for the kids in the Children’s Homes and some things for Steve for his birthday which was on the 26th!

We are grateful for the 377 hours that the team worked last week and for all of the preparation they made before coming down.


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