Ministry News!

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we have been serving the children in this country for a decade.  With that privilege comes an immense responsibility to do things God’s way and to be good stewards of all that He has given us, including the children in our care.  With that in mind, we decided to undertake the arduous task of evaluating every area of the children’s homes to see if we are serving the children well.  Our psychologist, Marcelle, has had extensive meetings with each member of our personnel, the children, and ourselves.  We have also been conducting “surprise” observations of the homes and meeting for group therapy sessions.  This exercise has been intense, at times difficult, but instrumental in highlighting the areas that we, as an organization and individuals, need to improve upon.  Through it all, we have prayed that the Lord would give each of us open hearts to see our deficiencies and make the necessary changes, even though it may be painful.  In that way, we can better minister to the children God has placed in our trust and make a greater impact on their lives.

Ten year old Reishel recently found out that she will have a new family in Spain.  In May, she began contact via SKYPE with them.  Her parents are fun-loving and gregarious.  However, a couple of weeks ago, she had a “mini” crisis and began telling everyone that she did not want to go to Spain.  Since arriving at the project last August, she has made a very close friendship with another little girl in the daycare center.  She began telling the social worker that her friend’s family was going to adopt her.  She has seemed a bit ambivalent in her desire to go abroad.  The social worker from the Office of Adoptions and our own psychologist have worked diligently with her in recent weeks.  They have had to make it very clear to Reishel that she will not be adopted by her friend’s family here in Costa Rica.  She seems to have overcome her fears and is moving forward in the process to be part of a family in Spain.  The Office of Adoptions thinks that within the next two weeks or so, her parents can be arriving in the country.  Please pray that all her fears will be quieted, and that she will trust that God has the perfect family just for her.

Good news!  For those of you who have prayed for the Pilarte siblings (Isaac, Roberto, Sharon, & Sol), family court has finally given us a date for their hearing.  Wednesday, June 18th at 8:30 a.m. their case will finally be heard after six years of waiting, praying, and striving with government officials.  We are hopeful that the judge will make a ruling in favor of the children and declare them abandoned.  This hearing is only for her to hear their case.  Later, there will be a sentencing date, where the judge’s decision will be made public.  Pray that this judge will exercise sound wisdom and judgment and rule on behalf of the siblings.

Sometimes it seems like we are stagnant around here.  The kids’ cases seem to take an eternity to resolve; meanwhile they just keep getting bigger and bigger.  All that just means that it makes it more difficult for the Office of Adoptions to place them with a family when they are finally declared abandoned.  We have a number of cases that have finally moved to the last stage of finding adoptive families.  Please pray for Angela (10 yrs.) & Jefreson (7 yrs.).  They are siblings who have been with us for 3 years.  Also, Anthony (11 yrs.) & his little sister Aislinn (7 yrs.) have been declared abandoned.  Their case is currently at Adoptions and we are praying for a family soon.  Lastly, Yamil’s (10 yrs.) case has been at the Office of Adoptions since February.  They have been promoting him with adoption agencies in Spain and Italy.  Because all these kids are “older,” their cases have to promoted with agencies in other countries.  Most people want to adopt little guys and aren’t to interested in pre-adolescent kids.  Up to now, every child that has come through our doors and been declared abandoned has left in adoption.  Even though they are “older” it might be harder to place them, but not impossible.  Please believe with us that God will provide families for all of these children.  Thanks for your faithful prayers to this end!


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