Ministry News

We want to start by sharing a couple of updates.   In our October newsletter, we had mentioned a sibling group of three that had been declared abandoned.  At the end of November, a case worker from the Office of Adoptions came by to visit the children.  She wanted to get to know them a bit so that she could begin the process of “promoting” their case internationally.  The meeting went well and the process began.  When we returned from our trip to the states, we were informed that the Adoption Council would be meeting on January 17th in order to review their case.  Fortunately, there was a family in the U.S. interested in their case.  Why do we say, “Fortunately?”  Because the oldest sibling is 12 and it’s a “combo” pack of three children.  In our experience, it is very difficult to find families that want to adopt more than one child at a time, not to mention, one that is a pre-adolescent.  Needless to say, we are thrilled that there is a potential family waiting for them.  The Office of Adoptions has contacted the family and we are awaiting word as to when the family will be coming to C.R. to finalize the process.  We continue to pray knowing that God cares infinitely more for Ericka, Luciano, and Angelly than any of us ever will!

As for the other case of Steven and Maria José, we regret to inform that they left our home on November 27th after some “back & forth” with the PANI Office.  The office that had the case was from the Province of Alajuela about 2 hours from here.  A judge had granted the parents visitation rights (mind you, this was a domestic violence case).  The visitations started out just once a month, but their father insisted that the judge grant them two per month.  The judge granted the request.  Since the visitation was “supervised,” that meant that a social worker or psychologist from that local office had to come here to supervise the visit.  That was the big hang-up.  Basically, the PANI office didn’t want to do their job.  We tried negotiating with the office so that the kids could stay here.  We asked them to supervise one of the visits (like they were already doing) and our psychologist would supervise the other.  They rejected our proposal due to the fact that it was just to far to come and they weren’t agreeable to supervising any of the visits.  They told us that they would begin looking for another children’s home to move them to.  They found a place just 25 minutes from the Abraham Project.  Steven and Maria José had been with us for five months and had adapted well to the environment here at the project.  We were very sad they had to go just because someone didn’t want to be inconvenienced.  As hard as it was to see the siblings go, Psalms 72:12 promises, “He will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them.”  We are confident that He is more than able to keep Steven and Maria José wherever they are.

On a “happier note,” on December 17th (while we were away) Silvana was adopted by a wonderful Costa Rican family.  Many of you remember her, she came to the A.P when she was only 3 months old.  Her Costa Rican parents have a 5 year old biological son, so Silvana is the “baby” in her family.  It’s interesting to note that she left just days before Christmas.  We’re thrilled that she and her folks received the “gift” of family this holiday season.  We are sure it was an incredibly meaningful time for all of them!



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