Grace Community Church – Indianapolis, IN

We were happy to have a return team with us this past week from Grace Community Church from Indianapolis, IN. The team did a lot of work with the wood, by putting on insecticide and organizing the bodega (the warehouse where we keep the wood).

A couple of the members of the team finished up pressure-washing the roof, so that we could finish painting in order to protect the metal.

The team leader, Mike, also worked on a special project all week. It’s a rail for a “big-boy” bed for one of the kids in the Children’s Homes.

Due to some VERY heavy rains last week, these guys had to make some last minute travel changes for their fun activity day. Instead of going to the beach, as planned, the team ended up going to the Volcan Arenal and they had great weather there and got to see the top of the volcano.


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