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September proved to be a busy time as we attended our training at Buckner Children and Family Services in the great state of Texas. Buckner provides a program for single mothers between the ages of 18-25 that helps them receive an education, thus allowing them to become self-sufficient. Many single mothers in adverse circumstances, cannot pursue higher education due to a lack of child care and transportation. These ladies often have little or no family support.

The staff at Buckner received us with open arms. We were given the opportunity to visit their sites at Houston, Lufkin, and Longview. We were blessed by their hospitality and transparency. We toured each facility and sat down with members of their personnel for comprehensive insight into the ministry. This week-long training in Texas proved to be highly beneficial. It has really helped us gather ideas about how to move forward with our own ministry outreach to mothers in our marginal community. The information we received at Buckner covered important subjects such as: admission of the applicants, housing contracts, institutional guidelines and expectations, on-site workshops, community service, Biblical counseling, and more.

Honestly, our time at Buckner was meaningful as we witnessed the impact they have had on the lives of underprivileged women and their children. It was inspirational to learn that by educating a mother, her children have a very good possibility of graduating from both high school and college. In effect, you are influencing two generations and breaking generational curses. On the other hand, the task before us seems daunting. There is a lot of work ahead of us as we develop our mission plan, which includes our vision/mission statement, ministry plan, and program outline.

With this new plan, we intend to pinpoint and develop new leaders so that we can transition into an oversight, accountability, and support role for this model. Please pray for us as we refocus and launch this brand new ministry. We are hopeful God will provide the people and resources needed to accomplish this new project.


New Model

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Future Homes

We are pleased to unveil the plans to our new model: fourplexes to help assist single mothers in need and their children. Our vision is to keep families together by offering physical and spiritual assistance that will empower them to care for themselves and their children, thus breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse in their lives. Working to restore and rebuild families!


Trust in Him

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Since our last update, we have had many opportunities to put this verse into practice. Although it seems like everything is falling down around us, God is fully aware. This scripture admonishes us to keep our eyes fixed on God. He alone is our rock and strong tower in difficult times. Misfortunes may take us by surprise, but God is sovereign. The verse goes on to say … “and do good.” In the midst of adversity we must press on doing what is right. There is nothing that frustrates the devil more than to see us doing good despite our struggles and hardships!

Ministry News

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 Crossroads …

After our house parents, Esteban & Gaby, left in mid May, we received a crushing disclosure from the supervisor of the Accreditation Department. She, in effect, notified us that she would not be issuing operational permits for the two new homes we had planned to build in Phase II. We were told that we would have to find a new model. We were shocked, to say the least, and left scrambling to come up with a new plan. Over the past few years, Costa Rica has been moving toward a trend to deinstitutionalize children in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children. These agreements promote kinship care and foster care. The idea is that children are better off in these settings than in an institution. In the future, Costa Rica plans to reduce the number of children in institutions. This news came to us just as we were renewing our operational permits for our two existing children’s homes. PANI is requiring us to make certain adjustments, changes that we are not willing to make. These changes would impede our ability to carry out our mission and our vision in the way we feel the Lord is leading for this ministry. We found ourselves at a crossroads with few options available to us.

… A  new Beginning

During this period of transition, we had the privilege of meeting some staff from Buckner Children and Family services in Dallas. They visited the AP in the spring and we were able to tour their ministry in early May. Buckner works directly with single mothers (18 years or older) and their children to help restore, rebuild, and transform their lives. They offer programs to help reduce barriers to self-sufficiency. After visiting their ministry in Dallas and after much prayer and counsel, we decided to adopt this concept as our new model here in Costa Rica. Six of us will be traveling to Texas in September to receive a week-long training session from the staff at Buckner. We will learn how to choose the candidates for our program, the different types of training offered, such as: parenting skills, money management, communication skills, conflict resolution tools, spiritual mentorship and accountability, and more. We are excited that we will be expanding our vision to not only work with children at risk, but also work with single mothers who find themselves at risk. This ministry will impact these families in a greater way, as we teach and train the mothers to care for themselves and their children, .

Fortunately, we have been able to make adjustments to our drawings and are already constructing the foundations of two buildings. Instead of a single dwelling, the new plans are to have 4 single apartments in each building.

In regards to the existing children’s homes, we have asked PANI for a transition period so that the 7 children we currently have can leave the AP in a natural fashion (adoption or family member).

Obviously, this will present us with new challenges along the way. Nonetheless, God is sovereign and we are confident that He is putting His perfect plan into action.

Change, as hard as it can be, is essential for us as we move forward. We covet your prayers as we embark on a new beginning. We trust God will provide the people and resources to accomplish His plan in the lives of these families!  Thank you for your continued interest in the ministry God has given us to fulfill.


 A crossroads is a place of decision that will affect the course of one’s life.

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WinShape Camp is in the House!

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Stephen, Jr. & Kendra are busy hosting WinShape camps, a Chick-fil-A foundation. This week, the focal point of the camp has been Psalm 23. The children from our daycare have enjoyed games, crafts, music, and solid Biblical teaching in a safe environment.


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Brother and Twin Sister’s Leave the A.P.

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A sibling trio left our home. Sebastian, and his twin sisters Mariana & Isabela arrived here a year and a half ago. Their father, a gangbanger and a minor, and their mother were unfit to take care of their children. Last month, a judge granted guardianship of the three to their maternal aunt. On May 18th, the children were taken to Leon 13, an area known for gang violence. Trusting God to keep them by placing a hedge of protection around these 3 babies.


Jane Doe Gets a Family!

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We are  happy to report that baby “Jane” was legally declared abandoned and on May 11th she was adopted! Her parents are precious! They are Costa Rican and have named her Emma Valeria. We believe they are God’s perfect choice for this sweet angel. We trust that Jonathan & Rosalyn will one day share with Emma the story of God’s grace, provision, and care for her as a newborn infant. His active interest in her little life, down to the details of the children’s home she would be placed in temporarily and who would eventually become her father and mother never escaped Him for a moment!