Family of 8!

On July 11, 2013, we received Yamil into the children’s homes. Our House parents took on the challenge of raising this timid boy. Yamil came to us with a significant delay in his cognitive skills. A professional told us that he would never read or write. Today, he is an avid reader and has excelled in spelling competitions at his school.

After being promoted for adoption for years, the Lord has blessed this young man with a family! Matt & Jenn have five biological children and have opened up their hearts to enlarging their family to include Yamil. His folks arrived in country mid November. It is so amazing to watch a child receive a new family for the very first time! It’s an event that never grows old.

Adoption is sacrificial and rewarding all at the same time. Today, Yamil’s story is significantly different. He was chosen by his family, much like our Heavenly Father chose us. We wish the Bakers all the best as they adapt to life as a family of eight!


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