Reaching 100 Kids in 13 Years!

We want to share some very exciting news with you. We are celebrating the arrival of the 100th child to the Abraham Project Children’s Homes! With the arrival of Naomi, Dominic and Cameron on August 7th, they represent # 98, # 99, and # 100. It should be pointed out, these children are not just mere numbers to us, they are God’s creation, children with life, joy, and contagious smiles, just to mention a few.

These children represent the future and we are convinced that God has a unique and specific plan for each one of them. It is hard to believe that just thirteen years ago, we received the first four children into the homes. As we look back on the years, we realize how God has had His hands not only us, but also on each child who we have been privileged to minister to.  We thank Him and give Him the glory!


Image result for 100 sign


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