Ministry News

Oh happy day!  After a year of “fighting” with the Costa Rican government to find out any news about Derik’s case, we received word that he had been declared abandoned on December 19, 2016.  Unfortunately, the local office in Limón didn’t notify us last year.  So for the past six months, his case has sat around idly (while we have been writing letters to the President of PANI, making phone calls, etc.…).  Thankfully, we are on the ball getting his adoption report, medical forms, and photos ready to send to the Office of Adoptions.  Derik is a great kid!  He’s a leader, he has an awesome smile that can brighten up anyone’s day, and he’s currently at a very stable place in his life.  He will turn 13 in September.  Typically people tend to be nervous about adopting adolescent boys.  Please pray that God will bless this teenager with the perfect family and that he will fit right in!

We have had so many issues, so many meetings, and so many hours invested in Guadalupe’s case.  At times it seems like things are going well and at other times everything seems like it’s falling apart!  She’s a creature of habit/routine.  After having a successful ending to the school year, she was placed with a new teacher this year.  This, after being told that she would maintain the same teacher in second grade.  The new teacher has not known how to manage her and Guadalupe has taken advantage of the situation.  On a number of occasions, she has bitten, clawed, scratched, and injured the new teacher.  Back in May, the school suspended her for 30 days.  Unfortunately, she thought she was on “vacation.”  During this time, we sought help from the Ministry of Education.  After performing a thorough evaluation of her, they suggested that we transfer her to a new school (this is the 3rd school in a year and 4 months!).  However, the new school has an integrated classroom setting where there are only 7 students.  The small class setting will definitely favor her.  The idea is for her to catch up and acquire the skills she needs to eventually be placed back into a regular class setting.  Honestly, Costa Rica does not have the resources to help kids like Guadalupe.  They are children who are not consider “Special Ed,” but also fall through the cracks in a regular school.  Pray for Guadalupe’s adjustment to her new school and for her behavioral issues.  We believe that the good work God has begun in her, He will bring to completion!

Siblings, Richard & Sandra’s file has been sent to the Office of Adoptions.  There is a potential, international family for them.  They are requesting some additional information with regards to this duo.  We are trusting God to place the children exactly where they need to be!

“All for the glory of God!” ~ I Corinthians 10:31


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