Ministry News

First of all, we wanted to remind you of the announcement we made in February with regards to the newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit, “Abraham Project, Inc.” which is based in the state of Texas.  It is super important to mention that for those who wish to donate, the instructions should be followed carefully as outlined in the “Financial Contributions” section on the back page.  Also note, contributions for our personal finances will still be received by CornerStone, however all contributions related to the children’s homes (operational expenses and Phase II development) will be funneled through Abraham Project, Inc.

From mid-January until now, we have already received and hosted 9 groups! Two thousand seventeen is proving to be a busy season.  These groups have come from all over the U.S.: Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, D.C., Colorado, Florida, and Kentucky.  We are so thankful for friends that love the A.P. and want to send teams to donate their time, energy, and resources to be a blessing to the homes and to our surrounding “barrio.”  Thanks to all who have already come and to those who will be coming soon!

We are so excited to share that on March 11th, five children in our homes were baptized by immersion.  These kids made a public profession of faith in Jesus in the waters of baptism.  They wordlessly proclaimed, “I confess my faith in Christ and He has cleansed my sins away.  I am now a new creation in Him alone!”

We are all familiar with the instructions that Jesus gave the church in Matthew 28:19 (on the left of this page).  We, the church, are responsible for teaching God’s word and making disciples.  We are incredibly aware of the weight that we bare to teach the word to the children in our care.  Nothing but Christ changes lives and baptism is the outward testimony of the inward change in each little life.

Immersion in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is an act of obedience that Yamil, Derik, Aliza, Valeria, and Lion chose to follow.  They are testifying to their faith in a crucified, buried, and risen Savior.

Stephen was asked by one of the elders in our church to help him baptize the children.  What a blessing it was to participate in such an important event in the kid’s lives!  Valeria, our own Tio Esteban’s daughter, was one of those baptized.  Esteban was able to pray over and baptize his sweet girl.  We are so glad that lives are being transformed for His Kingdom’s sake!

Following His mandate to be baptized ….

IMG_0011 (1)

Valeria (Esteban & Gabriela’s daughter)


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