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Jesus declares in John chapter 15 that He is the true vine, we are his branches, and Father God is the vinedresser who prunes us so that we can bear more fruit.  In this segment, Jesus is challenging his followers on how to get the most out of their lives in order to impact His Kingdom in an even greater way.  God is always looking to get the best results out of us that He can.  Sometimes, however; because of sin in our lives, we hinder the work God wants to do.  It’s important to repent, submit to His will, and produce a good harvest.  Thoughtfully and prayerfully we should examine in detail whether or not we are producing “No fruit,” “some fruit,” or “much fruit” for His glory!

We have breaking news with regards to Anthony and his little sister Aislinn.  In December, they were given the surprising news that they had been paired with a family.  Their adoptive parents are from South Carolina.  Their father is an Assistant Pastor and mother stays home to care for the kids.  They have two younger siblings, a brother and a sister (both biological children of their parents).  Over the Christmas break, the siblings began communicating via SKYPE with their new family.  At the end of January, the big day finally arrived … they met Mom, Dad, Luke, and Evie.  It was a sweet reunion to be sure.   Once a bond began forming, the social worker gave the green light to leave the project for good.  They will be in Costa Rica for the next month or so until they have their hearing with the judge, get their paperwork processed, and passports ready for their return home.

We are convinced that “Prayer moves the hand of God” and that there is nothing more important than sowing time on your knees!  Thanks for being a part of these lil’ lives!


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