Ministry News

Please continue praying for possible upcoming adoptions of the Pilarte siblings (4) and Anthony and Aislinn (brother/sister).  Everything is proceeding as it should, just slowly.  It really does teach us the art of being longsuffering, because if we had things our way, we’d speed things along!  We rest in the fact that God’s timing is always perfect and right on time!

Over the past month, the kids have enjoyed a nice two week mid-year break.  They have been busy with special activities in the daycare and with our teams.  This year, we had a team skilled in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo, all black belts, give a presentation to the kids in the homes.  Needless to say, we had to remind the children that this was not something they needed to try out on each other!  But nonetheless, it was lots of fun!

Every month, we have a sit down session with the house parents and the psychologist to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of each one of the children placed in our care.  This is a very necessary step, one in which provides us, as directors, a glimpse into the everyday lives of our house parents and their interactions with the children.  There are times that our hearts are pained at the mere fact of their storied past, a past that reveals the many hurts perpetrated against them.  Sometimes these wounds are actual physical conditions, but so many are things that leave a lasting scar internally.  It is not that difficult to change an unhappy face into one with a huge smile, but to repair a broken spirit is a much more challenging task.  This is where we find ourselves many times.  Each case and each child is so different, each one requiring a very specific plan of action to bring restoration.  This process can last for a few months, and sometimes even years.  Is it frustrating…absolutely it is, both for the child and equally for the caregivers (house parents, directors, psychologist, and even teachers).  It is a process which requires God to divinely intervene.  We need His wisdom throughout the process, giving us answers from above.  Without Him walking alongside of us, we are absolutely and utterly lost.  It should be noted that the victory has already been won at the Cross of Calvary.  We are in need of being reminded of this very fact every single day.  He awaits us (children & caregivers) with open arms, freely accepting the help that God unreservedly offers.  This is where the Holy Spirit comes into play as He gently nudges and encourages us child in the perfect plan that God has for us.

In the daily grind of working with children, it is so encouraging to be reminded of the fact that God promised He would be a Father to the fatherless, a perfect Father nonetheless.  We rest in this assurance that He will do what He needs to do, when He needs to do it, and how He needs to do it.  Therein lies our hope eternal, Almighty God, who has already secured the victory for us, even though we are undeserving.  Thank you Lord!  Our discouragement in the long, arduous journey can be changed into a life of encouragement as we keep our eyes centered on Him and His promises.  The problems do not just disappear, as this is just part of life where one problem is replaced by another or one child leaves the homes, only to be replaced by another child, but with a different set of promises.  No, the problems do not disappear, but rather they fade into the distant in comparison to God Almighty, our Creator, our Beginning and End, our Provider, our Comforter, and like so many other roles, our Savior.

In closing, there is an encouraging story that we would like to share with you.  During our last monthly meeting, tio Aaron (house daddy) showed us a video that he had taken of the children singing, dancing, and doing hand motions as unto the Lord.  One of the boys in particular, one with whom we have had a very trying 3 months with his behavior, was dancing and praising the Lord.  What a joy it brought to our hearts to see him in a totally different light, not the little boy that has brought so much grief, but the little boy who was joyful and content in praising His Creator.  Is this not what we should be about, praising our Father God, despite all of our shortcomings and imperfections?  God awaits us, awaits our expression of love.  The question is how will we respond?


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