Ministry News

As mentioned before, we continue praying for good news with regards to the Pilarte siblings (4) and Anthony and Aislinn (brother/sister).  One of the home studies was completed, but has been delayed by U.S. immigrations pending additional information.  Meanwhile, the bulk of the file has arrived and is being translated into Spanish as we speak.  The additional information will be sent during the next week or so.  The second family is still in process.  They had a slight delay when they had to expand the age range of the children they are wanting to adopt, however, things are marching along nicely and we are hopeful that all 6 children will be adopted by the end of the year.  Sometimes these things seem to linger, but God’s timing is always perfect!

Last month, we received the case study of Derik, a 10 year old by from the Caribbean province of Limón.  He is a boy who has largely been neglected by his biological mother.  He was adopted by a national family, but was returned when they couldn’t manage him and their biological child.  Regrettably, that happens all too often.  While we were in the process of signing the necessary documents for Derik’s arrival into the homes, the social worker received a call that a 6 month old baby she was transporting to a different children’s home would not be received due to her age.  They had already traveled 7 hours from the coast and would have to take Susana back to the public institution she came from.  We quickly talked to house parents, Aaron and Candace, and we decided to take her on the spot!  Susana was removed from her biological mother who suffers from alcoholism and bouts of depression.  She is the  youngest of 5 siblings.  The others are in another institution in the process of being declared abandoned.  The PANI intervened on the baby’s behalf, removing her from her mother at just 2 months, because her mother had been known to sexually exploit the other children.  The plan is to legally separate her from her siblings and declare her abandoned.  Susana sleeps through the night and is adorable!  With all that said, we couldn’t be happier that both Derik and Susana are here with us!

Psalm 27:10:

“When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me.”

You are instrumental to God’s Kingdom work here in Costa Rica.  God uses you and us to take care of the needs of these little ones.  Thank you for your unconditional love and support over the years.  God Bless!



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