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Dear Friends,

With the year coming to an end, we have been contemplating Gods’ unfathomable grace.  Grace is that intangible tangible.  It’s that thing you just can’t put your finger on, but is evident in everyday life.  It’s God abiding in us.  It’s a call to change with the power do to so.  It rises in defense of others.  It sees the hurt but chooses forgiveness.  It’s actively looking for an opportunity to show kindness.  Jesus is the embodiment of grace.  He extended grace to us first so that we could in turn extend it to our neighbor and that’s what Christmas is all about.

Two thousand fourteen has been a sweet year because we have experienced God’s goodness and grace in so many ways.  We would like to share just one of the ways God has moved with a story close to home.

Twenty years ago on a cold winter day, God blessed us with our third son.  Luke came quickly, as he was born just 8 minutes after arriving at the hospital!  Hours later, the pediatrician would deliver the report that our baby had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.   We were shocked and could barely digest the news.  However, the Lord in his grace didn’t leave us without hope.  Over the years we have prayed Exodus 31:3 over him:  And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship.   And Philippians 4:13: “Luke can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.”

We relocated to Costa Rica when he was 2 yrs. old.  We always believed that if God called our family to serve on the foreign mission field that he would provide for Luke’s’ special needs.  Over the years we have witnessed that provision.  His graduation this year from high school is an incredible milestone.  In the early days, it seemed like he would be in school forever.  Now, forever is here.  Last month, the school board at Colegio Saint Clare voted to hire Luke as part of their personnel for the upcoming 2015 school year.  He will be working in their copy department, making and delivering copies to the different departments in the school (preschool, elementary, and high school).  We trust God will continue His good work in Luke.

We encourage you to take a moment to contemplate God’s endless grace towards you and your family.  Please know that nothing could be accomplished without each of us doing his part.  Thank you for your continued support of our family through your gifts and prayers.

“The mother grace of all graces is Christian good-will” – Beecher

Merry Christmas

Family Christmas Picture


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