Ministry News!

In June, we shared about a local Foundation that donated $150,000 matching funds to our roof project.  Shortly thereafter, we learned of a family that was willing to contribute $36,000 in matching funds.

To sum up, we are tasked with raising a grand total of $186,000 to receive the full matching funds of the foundation and the family.  When completed, we will have $372,000 in the coffers to put the new roof on the multipurpose building.

A construction company has been chosen to build and install the support beams.  The concrete for the columns and supports has been poured.  After the support beams are in place, we will be responsible for putting the metal roof on, along with the drywall on the interior.

Purpose of the multiuse building & roof:

  • Without a roof, we are limited on when we can use the facilities, especially during rainy season.
  • The multipurpose building will become our principal church sanctuary on Sundays.
  • Throughout the week, it will be used for many different recreational activities for the 225 children that attend the daycare.
  • We have recently started sports evangelism via a soccer club for the kids from the surrounding marginal neighborhoods.
  • Facilities will also be used to reach out to kids involved in skateboarding/extreme bike stunts.
  • The building will be host to drama presentations and other special activities for both the church and the surrounding communities.
  • There will also be times for organized sports activities. 

It was evident to us that God was ready to move with regards to the roof, after receiving a 200 colon (approx. 38 cents) donation from a small boy that came on a mission trip last summer.  Momentum is growing and we are excited to be witnesses of this unfolding miracle.  We invite you to participate in this challenge that lies ahead.  If you are interested, please contact us.


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