Classical Music comes to Costa Rica

This is the second year in a row that we receive a group of musicians from D.C. to the A.P.  They performed in several different venues in our marginal community.  Accompanying the team was a professional guitarist who participated in a duet with Isaac (one of the boys in our homes who has been taking guitar lessons for a year).  We also enjoyed the sounds of the cello, banjo, and an incredibly talented singer who also shared her incredible testimony.


Last year we were a little nervous about taking this group, as we didn’t know if these musicians would be well receive in our neck of the woods (usually hip-hop, reggae, or rap are the preferred genre around here).  To our delight, the community responded incredibly well and we were able to organize a number of new locations to visit this year.  Exposure to the group, has allowed the children in the homes, the daycare, and public school to dream big and realize that they too may one day play an instrument and make a difference through music.



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