A.P. Fun Facts

So, what is the Abraham Project?  The Abraham Project is a place that reaches out beyond its four walls to a needy community.  We have a heart to see our local community transformed by offering services where people can encounter the love of Jesus Christ.

The daycare center is now the second largest in the nation, serving 225 children currently.


We offer classes to our local neighbors where they can gain skills for everyday living (some classes available are: English, computer, manicure/pedicure,and cooking).  We also use the classes as a platform to share Christ with the students.


The homes are set up to care for children at risk.  These kids arrive with shattered lives.  Here we are able to feed, clothe, educate, and share Jesus with them.  It is truly a place where lives are transformed!


Every day from 8:00 to noon, lawyers from the University of Costa Rica and their law students attend to the legal needs of the people in our province.  They handle any kind of dispute and give free legal advice to those seeking it.  They attend to over 400 people per month!


We are still trusting that God would miraculously provide a roof for our multi-use building.


The Abraham Project is a project of faith!


“For with God nothing will be impossible.”

Luke 1:37


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