Ministry News

We count it a privilege to receive each child here at the Abraham Project homes.  The work our house parents do is invaluable.  They receive each child with open arms, helping them know that they are unique and loved.  They provide a home, education, food, and lodging, but above all, they share the good news of Jesus Christ with them.  Our tíos will never know the extent of their mission and ministry on this earth, but we are confident that they will hear those words, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

With that said, we are happy to have our most recent newcomer.  God brought us a special delivery.  Jennifer came to us straight from the hospital.  She was only 19 days old!  She is the youngest of six siblings who have been neglected and physically abused by their mother.  The father has some of the older siblings and a couple have been adopted.  When she arrived, Jennifer had visitations with her mother.  However, they have since been suspended due to the fact that her mother stopped coming to see her.  We are hoping she can be declared abandoned soon and adopted by a good family!

The kids in the homes are in full swing at school.  Isaac and Roberto have made excellent grades this year with the goal of getting exempt from their final exams at the end of the year.  Great incentive!  The brothers ran for student body President and Vice President at school this year.  They promised to help fix the leaky faucets in the school bathrooms.  Steve told them that if they won we would see about getting a team over there to fulfill their promise.  After the voting process was over, the boys did not win.  However, the experience was invaluable and a great learning opportunity for both of them.

Anthony and Sol have been our challenges this year.  Both have brought home multiple notes from their teachers complaining of incessant talking in class, standing up without permission, disrespecting the teacher, and so on.  Anthony is super smart.  He just doesn’t apply himself at school.  Sol is making a huge transition from kindergarten to first grade, that alone can be overwhelming.  Unfortunately, both have spent a good deal of time in consequences with Tío Steve.  Please pray that they would see the importance of a good education and straighten up and fly right!

Sharon and Angela have been tutoring diligently in Math.  They girls made excellent grades on their last round of exams.  We’re so proud of them for their effort and hard work.

Last weekend, the children in Gaby & Esteban’s house went on a field trip to the beach.  Our psychologist and social worker accompanied them.  Our social worker is a member at Hotel Condovac and was able to get the kids and the tíos in to use the facilities for the day.  The trip was a memorable experience for the kids.  Everyone come home nice and tan with lots of neat stories.

Once again, thanks to all our supporters for conscientiously giving to the kids.  We know that your gift is a sacrifice and do not take it lightly.  God sees your diligence and we trust that He will reward you exceedingly for all you do!


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