Ministry News!

Last go-round we shared that there was a potential family in the U.S. for Ericka Luciano, and Angelly.  The family was contacted and affirmed their desire to adopt the siblings.  The case worker for the kids came out and gave them the good news that their parents would be arriving in Costa Rica on April 2nd.  Needless to say, the children were elated!  They have already been talking via SKYPE with their family and have learned that their adoptive parents have 2 children of their own!  Luciano is thrilled that he will no longer be the only boy in his family.  He’s going to have a brother just about the same age!  We really do feel like the Lord has already been preparing the hearts of these kids for their transition to the States.  Our psychologist, Marcelle, shared with us that days before their case went before the adoption council (back in January) that Ericka went to find her and told her that she needed to talk to her urgently.  Marcelle told her that she would give her an appointment for the following week, but Ericka told her, “I need to talk to you now because I’m leaving soon.”  Ericka didn’t know that her case was being heard by the adoption council that week, nor that the adoptive family would even accept her case.  She just had that intuitive feeling (the Holy Sprit) that she was leaving soon!  That same weekend, Gabby (the house parent) told us that Angelly had shared a dream with her.  She had dreamed that she was getting on an airplane with her new mother.  All this, before anyone even knew that there was a family waiting in the wings!  We truly feel like this family has been handpicked and that the Lord has already, supernaturally been preparing the kids for their transition!

Micah, Sara, and their children arrived in Costa Rica on April 2nd.  The following day, the adoptive couple came out to the project to meet their new kids.  Ericka, Luciano, and Angelly were outside waiting for their parents to come.  When they did, they embraced one another.  The reunion was very sweet.  It’s amazing to witness God’s inconceivable love for these kids, in that He has provided them with exactly what they needed … a new family!

Anthony and Aislinn’s case will be going before the judge on May 18th.  Not too long afterwards, a date to receive the judge’s decision will be set.  We hope the case will be resolved in favor of the children soon.  Please pray for a quick resolution on behalf of these kids.

We are so proud that Isaac, one of the pre-teen boys in our homes, is the newest addition to Comunidad Crisitana El Faro’s worship team.  Last year, he tried out for a spot and made it!  He has attended all worship practices, and has demonstrated responsibility and diligence in this area of ministry.  On any given Sunday morning you can see him in the choir.  He has also begun taking guitar lessons and is enjoying learning how to play that instrument.  We are confident that by developing his talents, God will use him mightily in the future!

God’s word promises in II Corinthians 6:18: “I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters.”  Over the years, we have learned that as much as we fall in love with each child that comes through our doors, nobody loves them like their Heavenly Father does.  Each little person here has a destiny, and ultimately it is His responsibility to make sure it comes to fruition.  So we rejoice when our kids ask Jesus into their hearts, when they get adopted, join the worship team, or make good grades in school.  He promises to be their father.  Like any good father, He demonstrates active interest in every area of their lives.  Our kids can say with confidence,

“His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.” 


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