The “Intern Season” Comes to a Close

As we mentioned in the post Interns at the Abraham Project , we have many teens and young adults come serve at the Abraham Project as interns over the summer.  A big group came in June to serve (pictures in the post mentioned above), and then several more came in July and August.  The Project was blessed to have these willing and enthusiastic youths dedicate a month or more out of their summer to come and do whatever was asked of them!

Hanging out at the AP.

Singing and teaching in the daycare.


Mowing lawns.

Reading to the daycare children.

Enjoying a ‘gringo’ ice-cream social.

Teaching Bible stories in English and Spanish.

Ladies laughing…

The July intern group with Jonathan and Amy.

The Rincon team: a church plus the interns went to construct a church in a poor area of CR.

Goofing off.

And some good ol’ zip-lining!


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