Ministry News

We always count it a privilege to receive new kids here at the homes.  We take the work we do very seriously, knowing that each child or sibling set is here for a season.  We know that God has entrusted our team with the responsibility of demonstrating His love to each kid that walks through our doors.  We are fully aware that even though we provide food, clothing, a warm bed, and an education, the most important thing we can do is to share Jesus with each child.  That is the most precious gift we can give them during their tenure here at the project.

With that said, we are happy to have our most recent newcomers.  In our last newsletter we shared about Steven and his little sister Maria Jose.  The brother and sister have adapted well since arriving at the beginning of June.  The PANI has initiated the judicial process to declare them abandoned.  Please keep them in your prayers as their parents are appealing the process and apparently have a family resource that is possibly interested in accepting the children.  Both kids have really come out of their shells.  They are interacting with the other children, talking, dancing, and more.

At the end of June, we received Ruth and Emmanuel into the folds.  They are a brother and sister team that are bound for the States soon.  The Office of Adoptions has already found them an adoptive family and they are in the process of getting to know their parents via SKYPE at this time.  We are praying the all the paperwork will be complete soon so that their parents can come to Costa Rica to meet them and finalize the adoption!

We recently learned that a sibling trio has finally (after 3 years) been declared abandoned.  We are in the process of submitting psychological reports, health evaluations, and photos so that their file can be sent to the Office of Adoptions.  Please pray with us that the Lord would provide these kids with a loving, supportive family.

The kids enjoyed a two week mid-year break at the beginning of July.  They participated in several fun activities.  They went to the theater to see Ice Age: Continental Drift.  Some of the kids had never set foot in a theater before then.  It’s fun to see their eyes get wide when the big screen lights up!  Thanks for making these things possible!


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