Joselyn Goes to Italy!

Many of you remember Joselyn, a girl we had in our children’s homes since she was four.  A couple of years ago, she was relocated to another children’s home after a failed adoption attempt to Spain.  We have great news to share!  The Office of Adoptions informed us that they had found a family for her in Italy!  A couple weeks ago, she and her parents, Aldo and Gloria, stopped by the Abraham Project for a visit.  We enjoyed seeing her again and meeting her new family.  Today, they left for Italy.  Joselyn was nervous about flying on a plane (never mind the fact that they had 2 layovers – Panama City, Amsterdam, then on to Rome).  We have since heard that the family arrived safely in Italy and is now beginning their new life together.  Please continue to pray for Joselyn.  We trust that the Lord would go before her to prepare the way as she adapts to her new family, new language, and new culture.  She has always held a special place in our hearts and we believe that God is not done with her yet!


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