Southside Christian Church – Harrodsburg, KY

We welcomed back our good friends from Southside Christian Church in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  Southside was in Costa Rica for a two week stint so we took advantage of the “extra” time and took them to to Rincon de Osa to rebuild a church.  This particular church received warning from the Ministry of Health that their doors would be closed if they did not upgrade the building to meet the new standards.  Although it was extremely hot and humid, the trip was a great success as we were able to reconstruct the building from the footers up to the top of the block walls.  Basically, the remaining portion is putting the trusses and metal roof on.

Church in Rincon de Osa

 In addition to the construction, the group was able to participate in a youth service and the mission pastor was able to preach on Sunday morning.  There was some time for relaxation as we ventured out to fish in a bay on the Pacific Ocean and I must say the fishing was very good!  Not only did we eat fish, but we were also surprised when they served iguana one day.  Like anything else, it tasted like chicken!




2 Responses to “Southside Christian Church – Harrodsburg, KY”

  1. Linda Mermelstein Says:

    It is amazing what can be done when a community bans together or in this case when various communities come together to help. What a wonderful job you have done in bringing this project together. I worked with my son this year through our school on the project Un Techo Para Mi Pais which builds small but stable homes in 2-3 days and it was an amazing experience. May you continue to have good health and the strength to continue your work.

  2. abrahamproject Says:

    Thank you Linda…the next time we go down, we will have to invite you guys to go with us.

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