What is the Abraham Project?

Lighthouse Community Christian Church, which is a local Costa Rican church, is spearheading a project called the Abraham Project.  This Project has a God given directive designed to reach out to the hurting and lost.  This Project was initiated with a few local Costa Ricans and very little money.  It has since grown into a major effort as more people have joined arms to complete the task at hand.  The Abraham Project is located in Villas de Ayarco, which is an outlying community of Tres Rios, Cartago, Costa Rica.  This location is only about 25 minutes from San José, the capital of Costa Rica.  The church conducts it weekly services at the Project.

Just across the river from the Abraham Project is a very marginal area, which is home to many social problems.  Many of the families in this area are dysfunctional.  Statistics reveal that many of the street children of San Jose originate from these surrounding areas.  It is discouraging to see so many children ravaged by the effects of drugs, alcohol, and physical or sexual abuse.

The Abraham Project is a debt free foundation.  One of the ways that we have received funds to build has been by soliciting help from local businesses.  They have been gracious to give substantial discounts or even donate materials to the Project.  Also, many individuals and organizations, including the local church, have participated with contributions.  It is encouraging to witness all of the creative fund-raising ideas that the local community has realized.

The Abraham Project, when fully completed and operational, will consist of the following five main areas:

1)  Multipurpose Building – This building will be used as the church’s main sanctuary and also as a gymnasium to reach out to the youth of surrounding communities.  It will give us the opportunity to conduct evangelistic outreaches in conjunction with sport activities for the youth.

2)  Daycare – This part of the Project consists of a cafeteria and classrooms.  It is used throughout the week as a daycare and on weekends, as Sunday school rooms.  The daycare facilities provide many families a safe, Christian environment in which they can leave their children while they work.  This is critically important, especially considering the marginal areas where these families live.  We can enroll approximately 75-100 children and are equipped to supply meals for the daycare children who do not have food to eat in their homes.

3)  Children’s Homes – There will be a total of 3 children’s homes that will be used to permanently house “children at risk”.  These are children who have been or are in the process of being declared abandoned by the government.  Each home will have a set of house parents that will oversee the daily operations.  Adoption is a viable option and will be considered.

4)  Consultation Offices – It is our desire to a have a series of offices where professionals (i.e. doctors, therapists, engineers) can donate their time (a few hours, 1/2 a day, or even an entire day) to people in the surrounding communities.  Many of the people that live in the surrounding areas are considered low-income families and cannot afford these services.

5)  Life-skills Workshops – We provide training to help people learn specific skills to find a job or start a small business. Some of the classes that are offered include: English, computer, artisan crafts, manicure/pedicure, driving and sewing.


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  1. Estoy muy interesado en apoyar de alguna forma el proyecto. Quisiera información sobre cómo hacerlo. Saludos. Tel. 87057450

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